Background History of Ets. BIANCO sprl



From the creation (circa 1935) to today

Initiated by Eudor BOISDEQUIN in 1935, the scope of the commercial activities of this family-led Company covered progressively installation, sales and maintenance of electrical, radio-electrical and TV (black and white, followed by colour) equipments.

In 1960, Gilbert BOISDEQUIN continued his father’s activities under the name « BIANCO », the birth-name of his wife. He started dealing with Telecommunications in 1970, when he became an official KENWOOD (Japan) representative. An import department is created in 1977, with a broad range of well-known brands: e.g. TURNER, DRAKE and HI-GAIN (USA), MICROSET and ZETAGI (Italy).

The Company BIANCO was founded in 1981 on the same tracks: it is administrated by Mrs BOISDEQUIN, spouse of Gilbert BOISDEQUIN, and her unique son: Luc.

Since then, the expansion is continuous as the Company imports VHF/UHF equipment from ALINCO (Japan) and builds its own Research & Development Department, headed by Dr. Ir. Serge RAES, and aiming at designing specific units or interfaces required from Belgian and other international customers.

In the early 1990s, professional telecommunication equipments are imported from Japan and the USA, with a significant increase in sales volume. A first success was the implementation of a complete VHF network, with fixed and mobile users, for the Romanian Government. The same applies to Burundi, Rwanda, Guinea and Ivory Coast, in close collaboration with other Belgian companies.

A number of our customers are public or government services in Belgium (e.g. police forces, fire brigades, civilian safety, emergency services, ...) and in other countries (e.g. Cameroon, Congo, Mali, Erythrea, ...). Security is an essential element of our business and our realisations are recognised to meet or exceed expectations. Our after-sales, on-site maintenance services, and own private lab provide the guarantee that our customers get the most  from their investments: our best publicity comes from our customer-base.

In August 2012, the company Ets. BIANCO sprl was liquidated and all its assets were purchased by Serge Raes. Trade at BiancoTelecom continues to be managed by Luc Boisdequin, registered as LBeB (Luc Boisdequin electronics Belgium).



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